Tailwinds Driving Growth

Modern medicine has resulted in earlier detections of COPD

CMS reimbursement code will entice DMEs to get more involved

Increasing Baby Boomer population (“The Silver Tsunami”)

COPD market heavily segmented; top player only controls 15%

Care shifting to the home


Between home oxygen therapy and home mechanical ventilation, current COPD treatment models are lacking in countless areas – they are bulky, expensive, and ineffective.


Our MicroVent device will be going after the $9 billion COPD oxygen therapy and NIV market, which has a predictable, highly profitable reimbursement model and a clear distribution channel.


Our founding inventor has been obsessed with this problem since he was 15, when he got his first issued US patent. And he has now built a revolutionary handheld multi-function ventilator that makes its own oxygen! Today, we are a venture capital backed company, raising funds to complete our FDA filing and to bring the device to market using the HCPCS E0467 code.

How We Are Better

Timeline with Clear Path to FDA 510(k) Clearance

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