Helping COPD Patients Regain Their Freedom

Advanced technology to make breathing easier

Bringing innovative solutions to a global, medical crisis

COPD affects 24 million Americans and is the 3rd leading cause of death globally. Yet, patients are confined to their homes with bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable equipment. Aires hopes to change that narrative by providing an easy-to-use, portable, non-invasive ventilation (NIV) device.


Simple, intuitive user interface

Aires products bring a simplified user interface, which has been heavily requested by COPD patients, providers, and durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers alike.


Designed with the patient in mind, to promote adherence

We know NIV is critical to keeping COPD patients out of the hospital.1 That’s why we are designing our devices in a “humanistic” way — to better promote efficient usage.

1The home oxygen therapy-home mechanical ventilation (HOT-HMV) study, JAMA. 2017.


Breathe comfortably, anywhere

Our device is easy to breathe on, lightweight, and portable, promoting an experience that is comfortable for the patient. We hope for patients to regain their freedom, rather than feel overencumbered by COPD medical devices.

We are developing innovative COPD therapy solutions

  • Aires Mini

NIV and Oxygen

Aires Mini is a non-invasive ventilator, with an external input for oxygen therapy, from either an oxygen concentrator or tank.

Subtle, Modern Design

Bringing a sleeker design, Aires hopes to remove the “stigma” of traditional ventilators that stand out as bulky, medical equipment


At slightly over 2 lbs, the Aires Mini is very portable, and its low-flow oxygen inlet is designed to allow for a patient to plug into another concentrator/ tank if higher LPMs are required

Easy to Use

Simple to learn user-interface graphic, touch-screen buttons provide easy access to all functions

Cloud-Based Platform

Our cloud connectivity software provides front-facing, online portals for patients and providers, enhancing care delivery.

CAUTION: Investigational devices – Limited by United States law to investigational use.”